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Homefashion Group BV (Kwantum)

Homefashion Group BV (Kwantum) is officially no longer part of Macintosh Retail Group

HomeFashion Group

A Dutch holding company for a range of international home retail formats


To make enjoyable and contemporary living accessible for everyone!


For us at the Homefashion Group, the client’s needs come first. We strike a refined balance between quality, speed, price, process, service and accessibility on a daily basis.

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As a Dutch holding company for international home retail formats, Homefashion Group takes the leading position in the following product groups: flooring, lighting, wall and window decoration. We provide and are active in the fields of retail and product & service delivery. Under the managing umbrella of the Homefashion Group, we excel in processes, procurement and services.
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Our ambition is to introduce living products and services to the people.

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We are the market leader in flooring, lighting, wall & window decoration. With our new Kwantum formula we make home decoration easier, faster and better accessible to large groups.
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As a holding company, the Homefashion Group excels in processes, procurement and services. Driven by this we have created a cross channel supply chain that is lead by our core values: efficiency, driven processes, continuous improvement and innovation.

Our winning formats:

  • Lowest price guarantee
  • Openness and transparency
  • Quality, service and always current
  • Centrally managed manufacturing and distribution

Business strategy

Our unique value proposition relies on maintaining a refined balance between quality, speed, price, process, service and accessibility. No sophisticated marketing tales: just pure value creation to the best interest of our clients.

Home Fashion Group Business Strategie Infographic

We all basically have the same needs

Reducing the economic risk - the best buy for the smallest investment - and limiting the emotional risk - the most appealing product for your living environment.

The real value lies within finding the best fit for each client

Whether it’s about the color, customization, style, surveying, durability, quality, maintenance or availability, in short: it should be the best solution! Because of our unique concept, every consumer can individually choose what’s important to him or her.



Over 1 million weekly visitors online and in stores

Home Fashion Group Nederland

1 out of 5 floors is delivered by Homefashion Group

Home Fashion Group Nederland

1 out of 4 window treatments is delivered by Homefashion Group

We are big at individual customer orders

Do it yourself or have it done for you. That’s our motto

Custom made
is our profession

We provide instant quality with a fast and controlled delivery time.


A far-reaching retail network across the Netherlands and Belgium.

24 hours

Our stores and websites connect customers to our products and services 24/7.


Homefashion Group cares about the future

At Homefashion Group, we invest in corporate social responsibility. We challenge ourselves to minimise our ecological footprint to help create a sustainable future for humanity and its environment. As an organisation we strive to continually improve how we impact the environment, therefore we are always open to feedback and suggestions from third parties.

Since the beginning of 2014, Homefashion Group (formerly known as Kwantum) has been cooperating with Recycling Consultants Nederland (RCN) and has strived for maximal separation of waste at our stores. All cardboard, paper, plastic, wood and metal waste is collected from our stores and disposed of at professional waste and recycling companies in the Netherlands and Belgium.

By signing the Forest Stewardship Council’s Letter of Intent, Homefashion Group is committed to sustainable forest management.All of our hardwood furniture is therefore FSC-certified and manufactured from wood from responsibly managed forests for a sustainable future.

Care & Fair
All tailor made carpets sold at our Dutch and Belgium Kwantum stores, are branded with a Care & Fair-label. Homefashion group is highly committed to creating better living conditions for everyone involved in producing tailor made carpet and to abolish illegal child labour.


Head office Homefashion Group

Head office visiting address

Belle van Zuylenstraat 10
5032MA Tilburg
The Netherlands

Head office Postal address

Postbus 90160
5000LK Tilburg
The Netherlands


Phone: +31 (0)13 46 266 26
Fax: +31 (0)13 463 79 79
Email: info@homefashiongroup.nl
Chamber of Commerce registration number: 61014923
Tax-id: NL8541.66.117.B01

Please do not hesitate to provide us with your feedback and suggestions